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Pet Computerized Tomography

One of our primary aims as a practice is to provide cutting-edge medicine and diagnostic testing, thus we are excited to offer CT to provide our patients with a better level of quality care.

Pet Computerized Tomography in Chattanooga, TN

At Highway 58 Animal Hospital, we use cutting-edge technology to provide your pet with the greatest level of veterinarian care. It’s heartbreaking to witness your pet in pain or suffering and not know why. Our team at Highway 58 Animal Hospital is well-trained to collect test results swiftly to identify and treat your pet’s ailment.

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Pet Computerized Tomography

Highway 58 Animal Hospital offers pet owners in Chattanooga, Hixson, and Ooltewah some of the most advanced diagnostic tools in veterinary medicine. One of the latest additions to our array of cutting-edge diagnostic equipment is Computerized Tomography (CT). CT, or CAT scan, is an extremely sensitive tool that is useful for diagnosing disorders in a multitude of body systems.

CT scans are 3-dimensional x-rays that allow our veterinarians to see the body’s organs and skeletal structure as a whole, in addition to a cross-section of any “slice” of the image. Our veterinarians often perform a CT scan to gain information that an x-ray or ultrasound cannot provide.

The CT scan at Highway 58 Animal Hospital gives us the highest-resolution images to visualize the cause of concern. This procedure is very safe for your pet and gives us the information needed to treat many types of diseases properly.

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